The Basic Rules (WIP)

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The Basic Rules (WIP)

Post  The Wizard Of Pants on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:35 pm

Hey Guys,
These are several rules that we should try our best to follow. Keep in mind, that this is a living document which doesn't mean it sleeps eats and breathes, but it does mean it can and will change if need be.  

-Be respectful, which means no profanity, racial jokes, mean comments, and that kind of stuff. I know this shouldn't be a problem with us, but I need make sure it's said anyway.

-No advertising. Once again, I don't think this should be a problem with us, but I need to make sure that no one does it.

-No spamming. Don't post random things, continuous unrelated replies, or the same topic over and over again, you know what I mean. Also, don't spam PM/DM messages.... once we figure out how to do those.

-Respect the GM (Game Master). The GM is the one running the game so you need to be respective to the decisions he/she decides to make.  

-Respect the Players (Not the Game Master). As much as it is the GM who is running the game, the game would not function without the players. Therefore, the GM needs to be just as mindful of the players feelings towards the game as the players need to be mindful of the GMs. The main purpose of these games is to have fun. If someone is not having fun, they need to bring it up and resolve the issues they are having.


Here are some Basic Roleplaying rules/etiquette that we should follow to make sure the roleplaying goes smoothly.

Roleplaying should go as such. To start a new Adventure, the GM will create a new Topic in the forum of the game the he/she wants to play (If you want to do an Adventure that is not tied to any specific game, you can start a topic in Other). Once the Topic has been made, the players will play through the game by posting replies to the Topic.

When posting a reply, please title the reply [IC] or [OC] and the name of your character. This will help the GM and the other players understand what you are doing in the game.

[IC] stands for In Character. Title your reply with [IC] and the name of your character if the reply is about something your character is doing. The reply should detail what you want your character to do, and anything he/she says. If you do an action that requires a roll, such as holding open a heavy portcullis, Then make sure you click on the Roll the Dice function before you submit your reply. This will roll the dice of your choosing, and the value of the die will be posted in a separate reply under the one you just submitted. Unfortunately, the Roll the Dice function does not allow one to add modifiers. Therefore, if you have any modifiers that should effect your die roll, make sure you add them in the post in which you rolled to dice.

How you write your In Character actions is up to yourself and your GM. The most simply way is to use asterisks to represent action, eg. *I pick up the pot*, and quotes to represent speech, eg. "Hey! My pot!" This leads to short interactions and short roleplaying, so if you want to do something longer, you can. Just make sure the GM and the players of the game are all in agreement of how to write their roleplay.

[OC] stands for Out of Character, not Original Character. I assume most Characters on this forum will be original so we don't need to label them as original. [OC] should be used when you have questions, or otherwise just want to discuss something about the Game. Title your reply with [OC] and either your character name, if you want to talk about something directly affecting your character, or a question or topic, if you want to talk about something broader.

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